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ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certified Management System for custom plastic injection molding services

Microtech I Southwest injection molding medical parts

Injection Molding parts - Micro Tech I Southwest, Inc.

Micro Tech I Southwest, Inc provides custom plastic injection molding services to medical, automotive, electronic, and consumer products manufacturers worldwide. With two decades of serving customers, Micro Tech has become a leader in providing custom plastic injection molding to a growing and diverse market.

World-Class Injection Molding Services
Micro Tech has been dedicated to providing world-class plastic injection molding services to our customers for two decades. Using processes that are reliable and repeatable, Micro Tech can easily tailor our modern injection molding facility to suit your project's specific needs.

Step Up to World Class Injection Molding

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A World of Value!

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Management System for Shipping directly to Your Stock
Micro Tech I Southwest, Inc. has established itself as a leader in customer satisfaction, cost reduction and quality. Our employees'    commitment to meeting all of the customer's expectations coupled with our ISO 9001 certified injection molding and ISO 13485 certified injection molding process sets us apart in the injection molding industry.
   We offer both high- and low-volume production of custom injection molding with prompt delivery. In fact, most of our customers are so confident in our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Management System for plastic injection molded products that we ship direct to the customer's stock , eliminating the need for inspection on the receiving end.

Micro Tech’s Commitment to Personal Service
Our commitment to personal service means that, at Micro Tech, all RFQ’s are responded to within 24 Hours. And, when you call us, our phones are answered by our in-house staff, rather than voice mail–or an offshore call center.

Personal service also means each custom plastic injection molding project has an assigned contact person who customers can interact with throughout the entire process. We deliver plastic injection molding services “On Time—Every Time.” It’s what our customers have come to expect, and we meet their expectations.

We take the time to understand our customers to make sure the product is first manufacturable, and then, manufactured in the most cost-effective means possible. Micro Tech I Southwest Inc. is a company on a mission: to provide the best possible quality products and services at the best possible price.

Contact us today to request an RFQ, or to learn more about how Micro Tech can become your trusted source for certified plastic injection molding services. 

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